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July 2011
The most efficient system using the wet cast or imme-diate formwork de-moulding method for the production of monolithic manhole bases with various channels and junctions.
We are proud to present our new production system UNICO, using the wet cast or direct formwork de-moulding method for the production of monolithic manhole bases with various channels and junctions. It consists of the milling centre for treating polystyrene blocks and the manhole con-figuration software.
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The components of the milling centre:
Colle Topmilling 120
Milling centre for the production of channel negatives made of polystyrene for manhole bases with a nominal diameter 800, 1000 and 1200, junction negatives with a nominal diameter from 100 to 600, consisting of:
Milling tools Control by CNC CAD-CAM software also for the creation of three-dimensional drawings Two vacuum clamping devices Complete facing Safety appliances according to CE safety regulations

The Colle Topmilling is a five-axle column
milling-machine with a swivelling cross
table in front of it, which is furnished with
two vacuum clamping devices for various
dimensions. One of the clamping devices can be

The machine works fully automatically according
to the specifications of the operations scheduling.
The milling machine is equipped with a special
exhaust system and completely faced, which means
that the machine can be installed at any place.

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Manhole configuration software
for the creation of a manhole base according to the specifications given in the order. The software creates the respective three-dimensional drawing for the channels, the junctions and the complete manhole base.
Supplementary equipment for nominal diameter 1500
for the cutting a polystyrene channel negative with a nominal diameter of 1500 for the production of channel heights up to 1000 mm.
Polystyrene exhaust system
for nearly complete extraction of milling chippings during the production process.

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Wet cast method
The finished channel negative with fixed
junctions is inserted in a manhole
concreting machine and filled with
concrete. After the setting time the
manhole base is de-moulded, turned and
the negative model is removed, in order
to be used again as required.

Immediate formwork de-moulding system
The finished channel negative with fixed junctions is inserted in a partly or fully automatic manufacturing plant, filled and de-moulded directly by means of a special supporting system. Depending on the production methods the manhole bases are turned after the setting time and the negative models are taken off. They can be used again as required.

Channel forming
In this working step negatives with or without
berm can be manufactured. If requested,
faces and drillings in the junction zone can be
made immediately on the channel negative.
This makes the positioning of the junctions
easier and an inferior wall thickness is
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Release film or release agent
We supply a special film to optimize the surface and facilitate the de-moulding of the negative models. After the production process the film can be removed and the negative model can be disposed of without pollutant. Depending on requirements a combination of release agent and release film can be used in order to obtain a certain surface texture.
Innovative mounting and dismounting of manhole junctions
Special plug connections ensure exact and fast mounting and dismounting of the junction elements.

Remove the polystyrene channel negative from the hardened manhole by means of a hook extractor. In this way it is possible to reuse the negative.
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We hope to have succeeded in convincing you of the advantages offered by this innovative manufacturing system and are always at your disposal for any further questions in this re-
spect. We would be very pleased to receive your favourable response.
Further information can be obtained at:
Wagener & Polascheck Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
Anlagentechnik für die Betonfertigteilindustrie
Gewerbestraße 5
D- 33818 Leopoldshöhe
Tel.: +49 05202 98200
Fax: +49 05202 982022
Kind regards,
Wagener & Polascheck
Anlagentechnik für die Betonfertigteilindustrie
(Installation engineering for the pre-cast concrete industry)
Polascheck, Peter / Wagener, Jürgen
Managing Directors
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