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Used Welding machine HK

Offer No. 3178-15

Used reinforcement cage welding machine

We offer a fully operational and solid reinforcement cage welding machine for the production of circular reinforced concrete pipes with spigot and socket end DN 300 up to DN 1200.

At the moment the cage welding machine is still in operation and can be visited on site. The purchaser has to dismantle and transport the machine. All existing spare parts can be taken over.

Make: HK-Technik
Year of construction: 1993
Location: Germany
Condition: good
Mode of production: continuous
Minimum diameter of the cage: 320 mm
Maximum diameter of the cage: 1600 mm
Length of the cage: as desired
Diameter of longitudinal wire: 6 mm
Diameter of spiral wire: 5 mm to 8 mm
Number of longitudinal wires: 12
Gradient of the winding wire: 30 mm to 150 mm

The cage welding machine comprises:
Machine frame
Counter bearing
Face plate
Automatic cutting device for longitudinal wires
Runway for the reinforcement
Feed device for the wire
Coiler post for the longitudinal reinforcement
Switch cabinets
Control box
Various safety grids

Machine frame:
Massive steel structure to hold the counter bearing

Counter bearing with:
12 sliding blocks, including the guides of the longitudinal wire for a wire diameter of 6 mm
12 adjusting spindles with screw nuts
drive unit for the stepless regulation of the desired cage diameter and of the automatic production of spigot and socket ends
automatic cutting device

Face plate complete with:
Two welding fixtures fitted on either side, with water-cooling and welding transformers, spring elements and welding electrodes
Two coilers for the spiral wire positioned on either side, to hold one coil of the reinforcement wire each (maximum weight 750 kg, width 320 mm, inner diameter 560 mm, outer diameter 950 mm)
Face plate driven by means of a gear ring

Automatic cutting device:
Each longitudinal wire with its own cutting device, position between counter bearing and sliding block
Cutting action by means auf hydraulic cylinders

Runway for the reinforcement:
For holding the welded reinforcements
Width of the runway is adjustable to the dimension of the cage

Feed device for the wire:
12 adjustable pairs of wire coils for feeding each longitudinal wire. 
12 wire guides

Coiler stand for 24 coilers:
Position behind the machine
24 devices to hold one reinforcement wire coiler each
(maximum weight 750 kg, width 320 mm, inner diameter 580 mm, outer diameter 950 mm)
Filling of the coiler stand carried out by means of a forklift truck or crane

Switch cabinets complete with:
Steel plate, air-cooled version, main switch, incorporated PLC, all necessary storage units, switching devices, control units and safety devices, completely wired

Control box:
Made of steel plate
Press buttons and switches mounted on the front panel
Here the dimensions of the reinforcements can be regulated, such as the gradient of the winding wire, the diameter of the cage and its length, the speed of the face plate and the intensity of welding

Various safety grids:
Safety grid left and right of the machine

The production of reinforcement cages:
The longitudinal wires are pulled from the wire coilers and led to the counter bearing by means of the steplessly adjustable wire feeding device. This counter bearing is placed on the machine frame and has sliding blocks onto which the longitudinal and spiral wires are welded. The sliding blocks together with the rotary welding head are radially adjustable to each diameter of the reinforcement cage. Two welding heads and two spiral wire coilers are fixed to the rotary face plate. Welding is effected when the spiral wires are wound around the contemporaneously pushed forward longitudinal wires while the face plate rotates. The reinforcement cage is continuously produced in a horizontal position without rotating. The intensity of welding can be steplessly adjusted by a control system. The production of the reinforced spigot and socket ends is effected without interrupting the continuous production flow. The longitudinal wires are shaped conically by spreading of sliding stones in the counter bearing.
The longitudinal wires are automatically sawn by the cutting device when the overall length is reached. The spiral wire is manually cut by means of pneumatic scissors. The reinforcement cages are pushed onto the conveyor belt and are taken off and positioned by hand. The length of the cylindrical reinforcement and conical bushing is programmed as well as the production of the initial and end rings (rings vertical to the reinforcement axis). The automatic welding machine must be stopped temporarily during replacement of the spiral wire coilers on the faceplate. The replacement of the longitudinal wire coilers can be effected during the welding process because of the double set of coiler baskets.
A production video tape can be placed at your disposal for illustration.

Subject to sale, unit numbers subject to reservation.

Prices by agreement

Carriage forward ex factory, exclusive of packing, insurance, dismantling and assembly and any customs duties or import taxies payable.
The items offered will be sold as seen, that is, we do not warrant that the above machines and equipment are complete and free from defects.  We wish expressly to point out that we cannot provide any instructions for the assembly, dismantling, maintenance or operation of the items sold.
Subject to the following terms and conditions, however, it is agreed as follows:
All claims for material defects shall be excluded provided however that such defects have not been concealed fraudulently.  More specifically we do not make any warranty that the machines and technical facilities sold are complete.  Where our legal liability for damages is concerned, Item 7.2 of our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment shall apply.
Our standard terms and conditions and German law shall apply.  The place of jurisdiction shall be Bielefeld.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in further information or in viewing the items.

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